Mulch Pile & Compost Pile sundae

Okey Dokey Artichokey you entre-manures across the rooted plain……get over to Houseman’s Ice Cream in Byron Center on 84th street just west of Byron Center Road for the ultimate in taste treats! Thanks to the nice people at Houseman’s, you too can have what Rick Vuyst (aka Phil Dirt) has for an evening snack…..The Mulch Pile! I like mine in “compost” form so step up to the window and order a “Compost Pile”…..a taste treat you’re sure to enjoy!

Compost Pile Sundae... If you prefer your ice cream in the form of a flurry, just ask for a Compost Pile! You don't need a green thumb, just a few bucks! Dig in with a shovel (spoon) or pitchfork (fork) and don't lose your "composture"'s going to split your "plants!"


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